Mercury Racing 850 SCi Marine Engine

Like fine wine, the 850 SCi only gets better with age. New engine aesthetics include clear polished pulleys and clear, anodized hose fittings. New Mercury Racing and engine model graphics adorn the composite top cover.

Like its 502 cu. in. cousins, the 850 SCi comes with our universal engine mounts to enhance engine installation fit and finish. A new bronze sea pump housing improves protection for boats used in the corrosive salt water environment.

The new propulsion control module (PCM) 07 microprocessor features enhanced capacity which enables additional real-time engine and vessel functions to be monitored and controlled at the helm. The PCM calibration provides boatbuilders with the option of installing an exhaust system that exits below the water line at idle speeds.

A pair of LysholmŪ twin screw superchargers, combined with multiportfuel injection (two injectors per cylinder), provide sport boaters with turn-key starting and great overall running quality.

The engine's 800 rpm idle speed makes shifting into and out of gear smooth as silk and docking much easier.

 Mercury Racing 850 SCi Performance Inboard Marine Engine for Sterndrive

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