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Mercury Mercruiser engines


A direct descendant of the legendary 1000SC offshore race engine, the 542 cu. in. HP900SC produces an unprecedented 900 crankshaft horsepower. Selected components have been updated to enhance the performance of this race-derived warrior for civilian duty. Leading-edge technology, combined with race-proven internal components, result in the most durable, ultra-high output stern drive package available. The new Dry-Sump MerCruiser Six Drive enhances this proven performer. An innovative 'dry-sump' lubrication system, featuring a precision oiling pump mounted in the gear housing, uses one-fifth the quantity of oil used in previous models. The pump sprays a metered portion of oil over the gears and bearings. The reduced amount of oil in the sump and use of a pump to lubricate vital internal components reduces friction, adding 50 to 80 horsepower at the propshaft for improved overall boat performance.

Mercury mercruiser marine engine


Dual-coil dampened valve springs Solid roller camshaft and lifters One-piece pushrods Roller rockers One-piece Tall Deck Intake Manifold Coast Guard-Approved fuel system Twin 1050 CFM Holley Carburetors 92 octane compatible. This engine package does not qualify for the MerCruiser three-year corrosion warranty. Headers and propellers must be purchased separately.

HP900SC Specifications

Propshaft Horsepower: 850 (634 kw)
Displacement (Litre/CID): 8.9/542
Cylinders: V-8
Bore (in/mm): 4.44/113
Stroke (in/mm): 4.44/111
Compression Ratio: 8:03:1
Fuel Requirements: 92 Posted Octane (R+M)/2
Full Throttle RPM Range: 5800-6000
Ignition Type: Thunderbolt CD
Alternator (amps/watts): 55/776
Length (in/mm): 60.03125/1526
Width (in/mm): 38.5/978
Height (in/mm): 36.6875/932
Weight (lbs/kg): 1620/735
Warranty: 90-day mechanical



The supercharged 572 cubic inch (9.4L) HP800SC produces a whopping 750 crankshaft horsepower (559 kW). The engine features high-quality accessories including a B & M Mega blower, dual Holly 700 CFM carburetors and stainless steel flame arrestors, thermostatically controlled oil cooler, positive crankcase ventilation valve and stainless steel tubular headers. A Huber 1050 series hydraulic transmission transfers the brute power from the 800SC to an assortment of drive options, including the MerCruiser III-A, V or Six drives.

Mercury mercruiser marine engine

HP800SC Specifications

Propshaft Horsepower: 700 (552 kw)
Displacement (Liter/CID): 9.4/572
Cylinders: V-8
Bore (in/mm): 4.50/114
Stroke (in/mm): 4.50/114
Compression Ratio: 7.5:1
Fuel Requirements: 92 Posted Octane (R+M)/2
Full Throttle RPM Range: 4600-500
Ignition Type: Thunderbolt V
Alternator (amps/watts): 55/776
Length (in/mm): 50/1270
Width (in/mm): 34/864
Height (in/mm): 30.5/775
Weight (lbs/kg): 1835/832 (Weight includes Six Drive.)
Warranty: 90-day mechanical, 3-year corrosion



The availability of the HP600SC Bobtail makes it easier for performance boaters to upgrade from their current power to this proven performer. This 600 hp (447 kW), 502 cubic inch (8.2 L) powerplant comes in one configuration with power steering, and shipping mounts and stainless steel headers, less tailpipes.

Mercury mercruiser marine engine

The GM cylinder block is outfitted with high performance internal components topped off with a B&M Mega blower and dual 700 CFM Holley carburetors. The Thunderbolt V ignition system gives provides consistent power throughout the rpm band. A high output GM oil pump and large capacity GM oil pan ensures the engine receives adequate lubrication at the maximum 5200 rpm operating range.

The 600SC is available with the III-A or V SSM Drive. Both drives are built to handle the HP600SC's torque and horsepower.

HP600SC Bobtail Specifications

Propshaft Horsepower: 550 (410 kw)
Displacement (Liter/CID): 8.2/502
Cylinders: V-8
Bore & Stroke (in/mm): 4.47/114
Stroke (in/mm): 4.00/102
Compression Ratio: 7.5:1
Fuel Requirements: 92 Posted Octane (R+M)/2
Full Throttle RPM Range: 4800-5200
Ignition Type: Thunderbolt V
Alternator (amps/watts): 55/776
Length (in/mm): 31.4375/799
Width (in/mm): 32.5/826
Height (in/mm): 29.8125/757
Weight (lbs/kg): 1060/481 (Weight is engine only.)
Warranty: 90-day mechanical, 3-year corrosion


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