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Mercury Mercruiser engines accessories

Racers and performance boaters depend on quality Mercury Precision lubricants, marine parts, and Mercury Racing accessories for the highest reliability and best performance.

Mercury mercruiser marine engine accessories

Competition and performance propellers are precision cast and custom-matched to your boat and boating environment. Mercury Racing offers a unique service called lab finishing, customizing a propeller to your requirements.

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Zero Effort Controls™ feature a canted handle design that provides a comfortable "throw" and permits convenient hands-on access to drive and trim tab buttons. Selected models of Zero Effort Controls™ are available with an integral power trim switch in the throttle lever. The ergonomically designed switch provides finger-tip trim control of drives and K-Planes™. Throttles have ball and spring detents which provide tactile feel and resist "creep." Zero Effort Controls™ work with sterndrive, inboard, or outboard powered boats. They feature a pioneering stackable, modular design which enables the controls to be offered in one to six-lever configurations.

Mercury mercruiser marine engine accessories
Mercury mercruiser marine engine accessories

K-Plane™ high performance trim tabs offer the ultimate in boat handling. During acceleration, tucking the drives under and tucking the tabs (bow down) brings the boat on plane with less effort and without loss of visibility. As the boat comes on plane, the tabs are used to smooth uncomfortable, jarring rides and to eliminate porpoising in calm water. K-Planes™ are available in a variety of sizes for boats 21' and longer. The planes are cast from strong, corrosion resistant aluminum. Strengthening ribs back each plane and serve as the attaching point for hydraulic trim cylinders. The double-acting hydraulic trim cylinders maintain position and react immediately to your fingertip control from the helm.

Mercury Racing Trim Indicators™ give you a precise read of outboard, sterndrive and trim tab positions at a glance.

Mercury mercruiser marine engine accessories
Mercury mercruiser marine engine accessories

Mercury Precision lubricants are engineered to prolong the life of vital engine systems. You can't afford to settle for less.


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Bullock Marine offers new & used powerboats as well as performance boat accessories: skater, fountain, eliminator, Mercruiser Mercury Marine (competition - racers & performance propellers, Zero Effort Controls™, K-Plane™ high performance trim tabs, Mercury Racing Trim Indicators™, high performance engines, competition drive, etc.) cigarette boat, welcraft, scarab, donzi boats, catamaran raceboat, high speed twin hull, etc. Bullock Marine is an authorized dealer for Douglas Marine Skater Powerboat, Regy Fountain powerboat & sport boat, Eliminator powerboat & sport boat, and Mercury Mercruiser marine engines, Drive & accessories.

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